Northern VA Promotional Video/Headshots/Salon Lou, Warrenton

Salon Lou Promotional Headshots & Group Portraits

Lori, owner of Salon Lou in downtown Warrenton, VA, contracted Fauquier Fotos to do Promotional Headshots and Group Portraits for her new website.  Wayne & Debbie Jones were looking for a chic setting to reflect the high class feel of this newly opened hair salon business.  One of the Hairstylist's husband donated the use of his vintage pick up truck, and several husbands helped carry out the shop furniture to a nearby park for the outdoor part of the portrait session.  Black tie attire, gold champagne flutes, the sofa and the restored vintage truck in a park setting completed the set.  It was a lot of fun!

When you first enter Salon Lou, you are met by a very lavish chandelier above the granite reception desk and a friendly greeting from receptionist, Maggie.  Lori attends to your every detail in her shop, with refreshments, coffee, water and sodas, in an attractive & comfortable waiting area.  Venturing in further, the spectacular lighting around the work stations and more chandeliers contribute to the lavish feel of her shop.

Watch for the Salon Lou Video Promo Production in the near future!


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