Northern VA Corporate Headshots/Unique Cakes/Flexique

Unique Cakes introduces Their New Product--Flexique!

Fauquier Fotos has been referring Unique Cakes for wedding cakes to our bride and grooms for several years now, and Joe & Marilyn are dear friends of ours.  So we are super excited over their newest innovative cake decorating product that they developed themselves!  They call it Flexique!  And that is just what it is--a flexible fabric-like material that moves, scrunches up, unscrunches, can be cut into shapes with a paper punch, can be worn on the body and is still edible!  Marilyn was featured in the Fauquier Times Democrat recently for her full fringed dress made out of this incredible material for a Fashion Show.

We recently had them over to our studio for Corporate Headshots and I believe it was fun for all!  Joe & Marilyn have a great sense of humor, and we had many laughs while snapping portraits.  We believe we captured their love of life in their images.

We also will be providing video tutorials for their new Flexique website, explaining how to use the new product.  Can't wait to share those when they are completed!  For more information on this product, or to order, go to this link:


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