Northern VA Corporate Professional Headshot Portraits/Scot

Northern VA Corporate Professional Headshots

It's always a good time to update your Profile Portrait! 

Did you know that your Business Headshot says a lot about you?  If you simply have a point-and-shoot snapshot on your website or ad, taken by a friend or coworker--it shows!  Ever heard the expression, "First Impressions"?  If you want to be taken seriously, as a professional, invest in a Professional Portrait Headshot, from Fauquier Fotos!  We have many different backdrops and we will even come to your place of business for 5 or more individuals.  Debbie will offer  clothing tips, if you like, to achieve the look you want. 

For some sample headshots, click on the Headshot link on the top of this blog page. 

Call today--540-347-5714 to schedule your portraits!

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